If you want to pursue any goal or learn anything new, it is going to be hard, challenging or difficult. And it is probably going to stay hard until you practice consistently over time. Yes?

If you don’t practice and practice consistently, it will always be hard. If you don’t start because it is hard, or challenging, or uncomfortable, it will never be easy. However, if you start, if you practice, and do so consistently, it will continue to get easier and easier each day because EASY IS EARNED.  

People who do hard things, people who achieve big goals, people who create massive success don’t have something we don’t have. They just decided to chip away, every single day practicing putting forth effort whether they felt like it or not with the understanding that easy is earned through PRACTICE and CONSISTENCY. There is nothing in your life that won’t get easier if you commit to practicing consistently.

Here is your CHALLENGE….

  1. Think about that thing that feels hard, that thing that feels uncomfortable, too big to tackle, hard to commit to.
  2. Ask yourself: What can I do today to practice? What opportunities exist today for me to practice? What can I do to earn easy?

PRACTICE. Every. Single. Day. Whether it is one minute of practice or  one hour of practice.

Do not stop practicing every single day.


Make today a Healthy and Fit day!

Coach Yaje

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Intention is what you want. Attention is what you focus on. When you are chasing a goal, to see progress, your INTENTION has to be aligned with you ATTENTION. Intention alone is not enough. If what you focus on daily, moment by moment, your internal dialogue is at odds with what you desire, you will not see progress towards your goal.

Most of us set a goal to lose weight or to be fit, but then focus our attention on all the reasons why it is hard, all the things you are missing out on. Instead, bring you attention on the WHY. Why will being at a healthy weight be worth it? How will your life be better?

Always focus on what you can do today to align your Attention to your Intention.

Make today a healthy and fit day!


Coach Yaje

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