Three feet from Gold

A man went in pursuit of his goal…which was to dig gold. Everything was going well until he ran into an obstacle. The vein of the gold ore disappeared. Sure enough, he did exactly what most of us would do in the face of adversity. He gave up. The man sold the tools he was using to another man and went home. The guy who bought the tools hired help and it was discovered that the big bounty was only 3 feet from where the previous man had stopped!

The man who gave up learned a lesson. To never take “NO” for an answer. He went on to become a very successful insurance salesman because of that lesson.

The most common cause of failure is we give up at the first sign of an obstacle. We quit too soon. One thing is for sure when you set out to do something: you will run into obstacles. How you deal with these obstacles determines your success in this game of life.

My word: STICK IT OUT! Only quitters lose. If it means calling for back up, do so. If it means going back to the drawing board, do so.

Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony. It takes delight in tripping one up when success is almost within reach.

Are you in the habit of quitting on your goals when the going gets tough? You could be 3-feet from Gold and not know it.

Let me know your thoughts!



Edward Barnes was a basically a “nobody” who had a thought, a desire, a goal to work with Thomas Edison. However, he had some major obstacles: no money, little education and he did not even know Mr. Edison! Most of us would have given up. He did not let any of that stop him. He staked EVERYTHING to make it happen. He was persistent. He eventually found his way to Mr. Edison’s office. Mr. Edison saw the bulldog determination in him and gave him a job. But Edward’s goal was not to work for Mr. Edison. He wanted to work with him.

Barnes did not realize his goal immediately. He did what most of us will consider mean jobs around his office while he waited. He was constantly intensifying his desire. He kept the desire burning. He did not lose his motivation. When the opportunity came he was ready and immediately acted on it. His dream of having a partnership with Thomas Edison was realized.

Thoughts are powerful things. When mixed with purpose, persistence and burning desire, thoughts get translated into their material objects.

My word: BULLDOG DETERMINATION. Approach your goals with bulldog determination. When you really want something go for it with all you have. Stake everything and go for it. You already have what it takes, if you have the initiative, faith and the will to win. What you desire will not happen right way. There is always an incubation period when you are in pursuit of a goal. But you have to stay ready so you can jump at the opportuning once it presents its self.

Are you approaching your goals with bulldog determination? How are you staying ready while waiting for your opportunity? Can you recognize the opportunity when it shows up?

Opportunity has a sly habit of slipping in by the back door. It often comes disguised in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat.

Let me know your thoughts.



If you want to pursue any goal or learn anything new, it is going to be hard, challenging or difficult. And it is probably going to stay hard until you practice consistently over time. Yes?

If you don’t practice and practice consistently, it will always be hard. If you don’t start because it is hard, or challenging, or uncomfortable, it will never be easy. However, if you start, if you practice, and do so consistently, it will continue to get easier and easier each day because EASY IS EARNED.  

People who do hard things, people who achieve big goals, people who create massive success don’t have something we don’t have. They just decided to chip away, every single day practicing putting forth effort whether they felt like it or not with the understanding that easy is earned through PRACTICE and CONSISTENCY. There is nothing in your life that won’t get easier if you commit to practicing consistently.

Here is your CHALLENGE….

  1. Think about that thing that feels hard, that thing that feels uncomfortable, too big to tackle, hard to commit to.
  2. Ask yourself: What can I do today to practice? What opportunities exist today for me to practice? What can I do to earn easy?

PRACTICE. Every. Single. Day. Whether it is one minute of practice or  one hour of practice.

Do not stop practicing every single day.


Make today a Healthy and Fit day!

Coach Yaje

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A great, creative idea you get while driving to work can be worth more than 30 years of 8-hr days

– Earl Nightingale


If I want to be free, I’ve got to be ME.
Not the me that I think you think I should be,
Not the me that I think my [spouse] thinks I should be,
Not the me that I think my kids think I should be.
If I want to be free, I’ve got to be ME
So I better know who ME is.