Burn your ships!

Burn your ships!

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to “burn his ships” and cut all sources of retreat. That is: you win or you perish. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a BURNING DESIRE TO WIN, essential to success. This idea of having only success as an outcome is what allowed Edward Barnes, the warriors at battle and Napoleon Hill’s son to win.

Barnes had a yearning, a pulsating desire to be Edison’s business partner. Because he allowed himself just one option (success) he was able to place all his energy, all his willpower, all his effort to achieve the goal. Edward Barnes eventually become Edison’s business partner. He won.

A warrior led his army against a powerful enemy whose men outnumbered his own. When they got to enemy territory, he ordered for the ships that had carried them there to be burnt down. Addressing his men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores alive unless we win! We now have no choice—we win, or we perish!”. They won.

The author’s son was born a deaf mute. He mixed faith with desire for normal hearing for his son. With believe and through persistent continuous effort over a period of time, his son was able to hear.

When you have a plan B, it is hard to stay motivated. At the first sign of obstacle, you will give up and run back to your comfort zone because you allowed yourself something to fall back on. When you truly ‘burn your ships’ it’s almost like magic. All your energy, all your conscious mind and sub-conscious mind has only the option to figure out how to succeed. And of course – then you do. This is how the universe works.

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul!

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul

We have the power to control our thoughts. The thing we think about most of the time magnetizes our minds. The magnetized mind then attracts the people, circumstances to help make those thoughts to manifest.  The universal power that converts the thoughts to things does not discriminate between good thoughts and bad thoughts.

Before we become successful, we MUST magnetize our minds with the intense desire for success. We must become and stay success conscious.

My words: You are the BOSS! Nobody is coming to save you.

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A little girl was sent by her mom to go ask for 50 cents from their neighbor. The neighbor told her ‘NO” and asked the child to disappear from his presence. The girl responded with a meek “yes, sir” but did not move. The man carried on with his work and later realized that the girl was still standing there. He got very angry and threatened to beat her up if she did not get lost immediately. Again, the girl said “yes, sir”, but still did not move. The man started charging towards the little girl. The little girl did something very interesting: instead of fleeing for her life, she stepped towards the man, looked him straight in the eyes and yelled that her momma had to have the money. This stopped the man dead in his tracks. He gave the child what she wanted.

My Words: DO NOT TAKE “NO” FOR AN ANSWER. When you know what you want, you pursue it with the determination of a bulldog. You do not quit. You don’t let ‘NO’ stop you.

One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average person’s familiarity with the word “impossible”. We always argue for our limitations. We know all the reasons for why it cannot work. When you argue for why it cannot be done, guess what, it will not be done. Success comes to those who are success conscious. The reverse is true.

How was it that the little girl was able to completely render the man powerless? What power did she use? Could it be that this same power is available to all of us? The answer is a big YES. We all have the same power the little girl used to get what she wanted. We just have to start using it.

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Three feet from Gold

A man went in pursuit of his goal…which was to dig gold. Everything was going well until he ran into an obstacle. The vein of the gold ore disappeared. Sure enough, he did exactly what most of us would do in the face of adversity. He gave up. The man sold the tools he was using to another man and went home. The guy who bought the tools hired help and it was discovered that the big bounty was only 3 feet from where the previous man had stopped!

The man who gave up learned a lesson. To never take “NO” for an answer. He went on to become a very successful insurance salesman because of that lesson.

The most common cause of failure is we give up at the first sign of an obstacle. We quit too soon. One thing is for sure when you set out to do something: you will run into obstacles. How you deal with these obstacles determines your success in this game of life.

My word: STICK IT OUT! Only quitters lose. If it means calling for back up, do so. If it means going back to the drawing board, do so.

Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony. It takes delight in tripping one up when success is almost within reach.

Are you in the habit of quitting on your goals when the going gets tough? You could be 3-feet from Gold and not know it.

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Self-Care is Self-Love

Every time I hear some one  use negative language to refer to their body or body parts, it hurts my heart. Women especially tend to use very negative and quite frankly hurtful words to refer to their bodies or body parts when they are trying to improve on it. Trying to improve your body from a negative point of view may be the reason why you are always giving up. Approaching self-improvement from a place of self-hate is a losing proposition.

I am on a mission to try to offer a different perspective to women and most especially women who have carried a pregnancy and birthed children. Have you ever stopped for one minute to consider what your body had to put up with to carry and bring to the world a new human being? I am always in complete awe. As a mother of three including twins, I sometimes look at my midsection and just want to kiss it with immense gratitude. I have all the loose skin. All the stretch marks. Everything that I could stand in the mirror and grab and shake and hate. But when I look in the mirror and see the diastasis recti (abdominal separation as a result of my pregnancy), I remind myself of why I have that (blessings of being a mom) and from that place of self-love, I ask myself what I can do to appreciate this core. My answer is the fuel that I use to endure the tough Jillian Michaels core workouts. My answer is what I use to hold that 5 minute planks even when I think I am going to die. My answer is why I can look at the plantain chips and say “no thanks!”. This daily practice is WHY I can sustain a fitness lifestyle.

You cannot sustain a self-improvement project from a place of self-loathing, self-hate or as a punishment. You simply will not go far. Sooner or later you will lose your motivation and that is always the beginning of the end. The change you are seeking to make will start to feel like a chore. Nobody likes to do chores.

I encourage you to practice a more useful and positive perspective. Focus on why you deserve this change. Focus on why it is great for you. Focus on the benefits you stand to gain. With a consistent practice of focusing on the positive, you are more likely to sustain the change you are trying to make.

As always let me know your thoughts.

Coach Yaje


I am excited to reveal the inaugural book for YAJE’S BOOK Club (YBC)… Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill! Think and Grow Rich is a classic. It was first published in 1937 and more than 15 million copies have been sold worldwide. It has been used by many rich and famous people and many entrepreneurs to build success.

The “GROW RICH” part of the title is not just about material wealth. The book is about the formula for success in whatever you desire. The book teaches powerful lessons for growing into your greatness and succeeding in life however you define it.

This formula for success was passed on to the author by Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was a world renowned steel magnate in his day. He passed on the secret formul to Napoleon Hill in an interview Hill had with him while working on an assignment to write a series of success stories about famous people. Carnegie made Napoleon Hill promise to make the secret known to the world. He wrote the book to keep that promise.

The Carnegie formula for success.

The formula is not given away. It is left for the reader to discover. It is a secret. Here are some attributes about the Carnegie Secret:

  • The secret is mentioned more than a hundred times throughout the book. It is said to be mentioned at least once in every chapter.
  • You have to be intentionally searching for it and you will only recognize it only if you are ready to put it into use.
  • The secret cannot be had without a price but the price is far less than the value of the secret. It cannot be bought. It cannot be given away.
  • Those who master and apply the secret will reach high stations in life, accumulate riches and bargain with life on their own terms. Those who acquire it use it to succeed with very little effort.

We shall officially kick start reading on JUNE 1, 2017. In the meantime, please get a copy of the book Think and Grow Rich.

I will post a reading guide on the blog at the beginning of the week.

Learn. Do. Become.

How to Navigate the Messy Middle

Whenever we set out to accomplish something we usually start out 100% inspired, motivated, excited, strong, hopeful and eagerly anticipating success. Then somewhere in the middle of our goal we CRASH. This is where things get uncomfortable, uncertain, hard. Self-doubt, fear, and negative self-talk creep in. Welcome to the Messy Middle!

Being a long distance runner, I experience this all the time. I also see this with people I coach. Regardless of the race distance or goal, somewhere around the middle you start doubting yourself. You may start asking questions like “Why I am here all by myself when the rest of pretty much every one I know is at home still sleeping?”. Why am I doing this? A few years ago, I ran a 5k with one of my twin girls. At the end of the race, I asked for her thoughts. She said, “Mommy, it is funny. At the beginning, you are like woo-hoo I am running a race! In the middle, you are liked what am I doing here? At the end of the race, you are so proud and happy you stuck it out”. Her thoughts were right on point.

The middle is where things get messy. When you’re in that Messy Middle, you want to BAIL. Maybe you actually do bail sometimes. I know I have. But, once you push through, all those initial feelings of optimism, motivation, excitement come flooding back.

Below are some strategies, some tools to help you take control of the Messy Middle and reach your goals.

  • Remember your WHY. Always go back and look at your purpose for pursuing that goal. When you keep your reason at the fore front, you can tolerate any how.
  • Think about how success is going to FEEL like. What is it going to feel like to say I did it! I finished that race. I finally lost the weight. I conquered my alcohol addiction? I quit smoking? I beat my sugar addiction? What will the finish line feel like? The power, the joy, the pride! The bragging rights!
  • Focus on the moment. Sure, it might hurt more at Mile 10, but we are still at mile 6. No need worrying about how you are you going to survive the rest of your life without sugar, let us just focus on today. Let us not anticipate how hard it is going to be. Think about the one little step you can do right now. Just put one foot in front the other. Just worry about making one good choice today. Just one more mile. Don’t borrow worry from tomorrow.
  • Slow down if you have to, but do not quit. Breathe. Take stock. Think. How can you make this work? What are the stakes? What is it worth to you? Winners don’t quit and quitters never win.

The Messy Middle is where you will make something of your goals and dreams OR where you will lay them down to die. The choice is yours. Understand the power of that decision. If you repeatedly allow your dreams to die when you get to the messy middle, not only will you not achieve the particular goal you are after, but it will also impact your ability to succeed in the future. If you are constantly setting the same New Year’s resolution year after year to finally get in shape, stop drinking, quit smoking, whatever it be, then you know what I am talking about. When you bail on yourself, you are practicing failure.

Brene Brown in her book, Rising Strong said:

The middle is messy, but it’s also where the magic happens

Whatever you do, do not quit. I challenge you to power through that messy middle. You can do it. It’s always worth it when you get to the finish line.

Coach Yaje


If you want to pursue any goal or learn anything new, it is going to be hard, challenging or difficult. And it is probably going to stay hard until you practice consistently over time. Yes?

If you don’t practice and practice consistently, it will always be hard. If you don’t start because it is hard, or challenging, or uncomfortable, it will never be easy. However, if you start, if you practice, and do so consistently, it will continue to get easier and easier each day because EASY IS EARNED.  

People who do hard things, people who achieve big goals, people who create massive success don’t have something we don’t have. They just decided to chip away, every single day practicing putting forth effort whether they felt like it or not with the understanding that easy is earned through PRACTICE and CONSISTENCY. There is nothing in your life that won’t get easier if you commit to practicing consistently.

Here is your CHALLENGE….

  1. Think about that thing that feels hard, that thing that feels uncomfortable, too big to tackle, hard to commit to.
  2. Ask yourself: What can I do today to practice? What opportunities exist today for me to practice? What can I do to earn easy?

PRACTICE. Every. Single. Day. Whether it is one minute of practice or  one hour of practice.

Do not stop practicing every single day.


Make today a Healthy and Fit day!

Coach Yaje

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Intention is what you want. Attention is what you focus on. When you are chasing a goal, to see progress, your INTENTION has to be aligned with you ATTENTION. Intention alone is not enough. If what you focus on daily, moment by moment, your internal dialogue is at odds with what you desire, you will not see progress towards your goal.

Most of us set a goal to lose weight or to be fit, but then focus our attention on all the reasons why it is hard, all the things you are missing out on. Instead, bring you attention on the WHY. Why will being at a healthy weight be worth it? How will your life be better?

Always focus on what you can do today to align your Attention to your Intention.

Make today a healthy and fit day!


Coach Yaje

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