One of the members in my private coaching group noted that even though healthy eating was more expensive, preparing and cooking healthy meals was way faster than conventional meals. This is a sentiment I hear very often and that I take exception to. My reaction often is “compared to what?” People will spend plenty of money on clothing items, skin care etc. But when it comes to buying quality foods to nourish their bodies, cost is usually used as an obstacle.

Is healthy eating really expensive? We can go down the the-health-costs-associated-with-unhealthy-eating route, but most people just want to know how to eat for good health or for fat loss on a budget. I’ll try to stick with that.

In my opinion, eating for fat loss or health does not have to be more expensive than any other diet. Can it be? Absolutely. You can spend a huge amount of money on a “regular” diet or you can spend a little. You can spend big money on a healthy eating diet or you can spend small. Bottom line: you can eat well on any budget.

Here are my top 7 strategies  to help with eating well while saving money:

  1. Plan your meals: If you have your week set out ahead of time you’ll know exactly what you need to buy to make those dishes as opposed to buying  ingredients, you might not end up using. Write a weekly menu and make a corresponding grocery list. It also helps to check what you have at home so you don’t end up buying what you already have.
  2. Cook at home and keep your meals simple: Focus on protein, vegetables and fat. It is not necessary to use fancy recipes that call for exotic and expensive ingredients. Complex recipes will likely cost more than simple meals.
  3. Only buy what you know you’ll eat. No need buying the kale when you KNOW you can’t stand it just because they say it is healthy. Stick to veggies that you like.
  4. Cook enough for leftovers. Left-overs from dinner is usually lunch for me the next day. I pack my lunch right after dinner. Saves me so much money.
  5. Grow your own vegetables and herbs. If you cannot grow your own veggies, at least grow herbs. They are so easy to grow and ridiculously expensive in the store.
  6. Veggie prep: Cut up and wash your own vegetables! Nowadays, it’s amazing what we’ll do for convenience. Truth is, you are paying for being able to skip those steps. I shared a blog post on how I veggie prep here.
  7. Buy your meat whole: It’s not actually that hard to divide up a chicken and they end up being WAY cheaper than buying the individual pieces.

Let me know what strategies you can implement or share tips of your own.

Coach Yaje

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