How to read “Think and Grow Rich”

Think and Grow Rich is not a novel. This book was not written to entertain. It is a textbook outlining steps that can be taken to achieve success in the game of life. Be it money, fame, power, contentment, peace of mind, personality, happiness. The book should be studied. The book will work only if you do your part and do the work. In other words, put what you read into practice.

  • Get a notebook. A composition notebook will work.
  • Read every story, take every action.
  • Do not read more than one chapter in a day.
  • Underline/highlight/jot down any sentence that speaks to you.
  • Record any successes/ideas that you experience or that come to you as you read. These may be in the form of intuitions, creative ideas, chance meetings, dreams, connections.

We shall meet once a week to discuss one chapter at a time. Please show up ready.

Learn. Do. Become

Coach Yaje

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