I am sure we can all agree that we should be eating a lot of vegetables for good health. In my experience from working with and listening to people, bringing the vegetables home does not always ensure that they will be consumed. A lot of the time, the veggies end up in the trash can instead of in our bodies. Part of the reason being that when hunger strikes, the last thing anybody wants to do is to start chopping up veggies to make a healthy meal. Next thing you know, you are looking in the pantry for less healthy alternatives and, due to the perishable nature of vegetables, they go bad before you ever get to them.

As a busy mom, I have found that doing a little bit of prep work as soon as I bring the veggies home increases the chances that I will cook the vegetables. I wash, chop, and spin dry the veggies and during the week I can quickly assemble a salad or stir fry  for a nutritious lunch or dinner.

A salad spinner is a star gadget for this task. I use the OXO Salad Spinner.

Here is a video demo of my process.

Join me for Some tips on what to do with the vegetables when you bring them from the market Please like and share!!

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You will need a big tub or big container. Fill it up with cold water and give your veggies a good wash. I chop off the bottom of the romaine lettuce before washing and spinning to dry. This is to minimize oxidation and the resulting browning. After spinning the lettuce dry, I line the bottom of another container with paper towels and arrange the lettuce on top. Then I place more paper towels on top of the lettuce before covering the container. This ensures the leaves stay fresh throughout the week.

The salad spinner can also be used as follows:

  1. Washing and drying herbs like parsley and cilantro.
  2. Spinning excess water out of pasta.
  3. Rinsing and draining canned beans.
  4. Washing delicate fruit like berries.

A little preparation on the front end can make the pursuit of health that much easier. Take a little time to prep your veggies ahead of time.

Let me know your thoughts. What strategies do you employ to “veggie prep?”

Make today a healthy and fit day!

Coach Yaje

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